Whiskey Maggie

Yup, you read it right.

XLers tend to think that every other person – especially from the IIM-FMS-MDI circuits are as debauched as they are. So when an otherwise normal looking man refuses non veg food, doesn’t dance or drink, we take it upon ourselves to reform them.

Two of us decided to reform or corrupt – depending on your POV – this nice young chap – referred to as “Kid’ from now on – from IIMA. The initial days were difficult – especially if the person in question calls Pirates ofCaribbean-II ‘grotesque’. But we toiled and toiled. And toiled some more.

There is just one day left before his banishment to some place where he would not get a house for rent as he is unmarried. We meet up in the company party, and after a good dose of Euphoria, we all are dancing. Even the kid. I stop for a while to stare at this rare phenomenon, only to find him snatch a full glass of whiskey from a colleague of mine and gulpgulpp it down.

“Dude, its not water… its whiskey… ” I gently break the news to him.

” I know da.”

Shock and awe. I search frantically for my partner in this crime – I have a long history of different antics and different partners for each of them – and tell him about this.

“The Kid has grown up!” We rejoice.

The next day, our Kid is packing up his stuff. There is gonna be no care taker in the guest house it being a Sunday and all. Kid comes over to me, pats my head – how the hell did he find out that I generally relent when someone pats my head? – and asks me :

“Da, make me someMaggiee na…”

Needless to say, I relent.

However, as I am in the kitchen, the other XLer comes over. With a bottle of whiskey n hand. TheMaggiei is almost ready. We both look at each other, and in that implicit understanding that only two lowlife; upto no good people can, he opens the bottle for me and I pour a sizable quantity of whiskey onto theMaggiei.

It is served. Kid eats it, his face happy. It actually tastes good. And once he finishes it, the two of us get ready for the confession.

” Actually.. we added..”

“Vodka? Beer?” he asks.

“Nope dude, whiskey.” We sheepishly reply.

addendumm: why do I blog this? Because I miss the Kid and my partner in this crime. And also because the magi did turn out rather well. And my grand boss told me – after I told him this story over dinner one evening – that vodka or wine is usually added to food to give it that extra zing.


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